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Hunter's Cabin

Up to 10 players. 57% Escape.

Being the adventurous types, you and your friends decide to go hiking in a National Park that had recently closed. You’ve all heard the rumors about the missing people, however, that doesn’t faze you. While exploring a bit off the path, you can’t shake the feeling of being watched. With a storm fast approaching, the group seeks shelter in a cabin. Inside you realize not only is it occupied, but whoever lives there will be returning shortly. To make matters worse, there’s evidence linking the cabin to those that are missing.

Mars Outpost

Up to 6 players. 61% Escape.

“Come in Mars Outpost. Mars Outpost, do you copy? Over.”

With no response from the Mars research outpost, and the scheduled return date drawing near, you and your team have been tasked with a mission. Extract the scientists and all research data. Once on site, your team discovers the scientists are no where to be found. The incineration protocol fail-safe has been triggered and now you must find a way out before your time hits zero. Abort extraction mission, just get out while you can.

Bayfield's Conspiracy

Up to 6 players. 77% Escape.

For as long as you can remember, the Bayfield mansion has had a dark secret. In a reality where steam is power and gears are constantly spinning, you and your team of investigative reporters have relentlessly tried to infiltrate its walls for years, requesting invitations to the annual gathering for new members. Finally, a wax-sealed envelope is presented to your group … ​ “You are cordially invited to this year’s Annual Dinner Party.”

At the table you find place cards for esteemed members of society, including airship captains, revolutionaries and famous alchemists. Before the other guests arrive, you find a shakily handwritten note under your plate. “You are in danger. This is a cult for the rich and powerful.” Your team needs to leave undetected before you are tomorrow’s headline.

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