What is an escape room?

An escape room is an immersive puzzle game experience. Participants must find clues, solve puzzles and escape before time runs out.
Teamwork is key!

What are your COVID preventative measures?

All bookings are now private so no more being stuck with strangers.
Only one room will be played at a time with a buffer between so a thorough cleaning can be done.
Hand sanitizer will be provided in all rooms for your convince.
Employees and players will be required to where masks at all times.

When should I arrive?

We ask that your group arrives 10 minutes prior to the reservation time in order for us to go over our policies and have you sign a waiver.

If party members are late we will start your game with everyone who is present. When late participants arrive we will have them join the game after they check in.

If the whole party is late we will have to reduce your total game time by the number of minuets you are late.

What if i need to reschedule?

To change your appointment times simply call us at Sum Escape and we will take care of that for you. 

Rescheduling can be done within 24 hours of your appointment for a $25 fee.

If you change your appointment time more then 24 hours in advanced there will be no fees.

Will I be locked in the room?

Absolutely not! You may leave the room at anytime, simply exit the way you came in. We understand things come up, so if you need to step out for any reason you may do so. Be aware your time will continue to count down.

Can I take my cell phone in the room?

Yes, we allow you to take all your belongings in to the room with you. You can not take pictures or videos while in the room! You can use your phones for flashlights or calculators. If you need to take a call or text while in the experience, step out of the room and return when you have finished.
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